Hello summer and hello fashion world!

My name is Jamie, and this is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am starting my sophomore year at Rutgers University in New Brunswick studying business marketing and digital communication, information & media. My goal is to work for Vogue magazine, that is the dream.

My love for fashion definitely stemmed from my older sister. She literally has the best wardrobe and I am so lucky blessed to be able to borrow even the smallest fraction of what she owns. We’re nine years apart but she’s basically my twin, and I have her to thank for not becoming a complete fob. As years went by and social media began to dominate my life, I started following (or should I say stalking) fashion bloggers and YouTubers all on my own and find that I get a lot of my style inspiration from their daily posts.

I love throwing on a simple white T-shirt and denim shorts with a pair of Stan Smiths or even Birkenstocks. But, I also love putting together outfits that aren’t the “usche”. I remember last winter I bought this beautiful grey, floor-length vest trench coat from Zara and people had asked me if I was on my way to a funeral (haha) but I absolutely loved it. If you saw me around campus envision a 5’3 (and 1/2)” Asian girl rounding the corner in a bell-sleeved boho shirt with a dainty bralette underneath paired with distressed denim jeans, some brown or black booties and a Herschel camouflage backpack. Of course, this changes depending on the season and my mood. My Style Guru Bio picture and the pictures I’ve attached to this post pretty much capture me at my peak this summer.

I am currently vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—one of my favorite places in the world. I chose to photograph this amazing multi-way silk romper and I am so glad I finally have somewhere to show it off. The silky material and the nature of the romper makes it almost impossible to wear a bra but hey, no bra, no problem! It is the epitome of a comfortable, yet chic summer getup. I bought it in this emerald green color, which compliments my tan (pretty well might I add) and I paired it with my favorite Free People tie-up sandals and a mini boho bag with fringe.

Overall, I would say that I’m confident. I think it’s pretty amazing that there is no other person in the world exactly like you. Confidence is key, and I dress however I want based off of that life mantra.

That was just a little tidbit of me, my life and my style—I hope you all enjoyed. I’m so excited to embark on this journey and take all of you Fashionistas/os out there with me!