STYLE GURU BIO: Isabella Sorresso

January 23rd, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Isabella Sorresso

Hello Fashionistas/os and happy new year! My name is Isabella Sorresso and I am so excited to be returning for my third semester as a Style Guru! I am a sophomore at the University of Florida and I’m studying journalism. My goal is to work for a major magazine one day in the near future, hopefully focusing on entertainment or beauty/fashion topics.

I seriously cannot believe that it is already 2017, and that we are starting a whole new year of amazing fashion favorites! The year 2016 went by so fast, but it brought tons of new and renewed trends. Some of my personal favorites from the year were choker necklaces, velvet pieces, and denim mini-skirts to name a few.

One of the trends that I’m not ready to let go of yet is the Pantone colors of the year from 2016. I loved the baby pink color, and as you can tell by my top, the sky blue was also very near and dear to my heart. This item gives the outfit a pop of color to an otherwise very dark outfit. I paired it with my black jeans from American Eagle Outfitters and black and white high-top Vans. I love these shoes because I feel like they make any look slightly grungier and overall just cool.

Lastly, I added a faux leather jacket over top of the light blue top because sometimes, on the rare occasion, Florida gets cold too. For my accessories I threw on a pair of aviator sunglasses, a small choker necklace, and a couple of silver rings and that completes the look.

This year’s Pantone color of the year, greenery, seems a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m ready to give it a try if I find the right item that features the color. If you’re curious to see if I actually try it out or can find a Fashionista/o that can rock the look, be sure to follow along with my posts this semester, and give this post a RAD while you’re here! Thanks!