Hello, my name is India Ross. I’m a St. Louis native attending college in Chicago, Illinois at Columbia College Chicago. I’m a  freshman majoring in fashion business with a minor in PR and marketing. I’m your future #GIRLBOSS!

I’m currently seeking to find a company to grow with and learn more about the fashion industry as it relates to my field of study. I hope to join a company that will enhance my skills and tools that are essential within my career path. I believe you’re never too young to make a difference, breaking social expectations with confidence, truth and perseverance. I rock the rules facing challenges that I am doing something right.

I am India Ross. I am my brand. When I get established in fashion, “I Am India Ross” is going to be a brand. “I Am India Ross” is a platform designed to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower other young black and minority girls to follow their dreams in this industry and make their own paths in this world. My ultimate goal since I’ve been a little girl was to own my own business and take a step into the entrepreneurial world. I haven’t seen many young women starting their own firms or businesses in the fashion and beauty worlds, so I want to start my own firm showing girls we need to start doing the things we love for ourselves and build something that can live past our lifetimes.

For this look I decided to wear a blue body suit paired with floral Adidas shorts.