STYLE GURU BIO: Ijeoma Iheme

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

My name is Ijeoma, and I am senior at Texas Tech University, majoring in Retail Management. This is my second time interning with CollegeFashionista. I had a lot of fun interning for them in the spring, so I decided to come back one more time before I walk the stage in August!

My love for fashion started way back when I was a youngin’. My older cousin introduced me to makeup at a young age and the year after that, my mom put me in sewing classes so I could learn how to sew. My creative side began to evolve from there. Even though I was so in love with this side of me, I came to college thinking I was going to become a pharmacist. Biology and I did not get along and chemistry became my worst enemy, so I decided to switch my major. I have never been more content, and I cannot imagine myself in any other field. To this day, thinking about it is so surreal!

Fashion is so much more than the clothes you wear on your body or whether or not you have the latest Chanel boots on backorder. It is about telling your story and portraying to those around you, “this is me.” Nowadays, people do not need to read an autobiography about you to know who you are. People become inspired everyday by their surroundings. I know I do personally and more often than I realize, I tend to incorporate those inspirations into my outfits or designs. Yes, I am a fashion designer as well! I love that I have been able to choose this as a career path; it makes me feel untouchable and like no one can check me. I can literally do what I want, and that feels doggone good! On a side note, I am really feeling my outfit right now. I have on a pair of white pants, a multi-color top I bought from a thrift store, my absolute pair of Jeffrey Campbell platform heels and a gold watch. I like to keep my jewelry to a minimal most times.

I graduate from Texas Tech this August. I’ve applied to grad school at LIM College, and God willing, when I get in (speaking this into existence), I’ll get to move to New York. I am so excited; I don’t think y’all even understand!

I am thankful for a second opportunity to work with CollegeFashionista. Look out for my posts every Wednesday to experience fashion through my own eyes!