May 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Dear Fashionistas/os,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself and to be interning for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru this summer. My name is Ian Marcelo Cavazos and I’m a high school student who is college-bound and has a strong passion for personal style, fashion imagery styling and fashion journalism.

I am currently at the point where important decisions that will have a huge impact in life are being taken, that is, to pursue my passion for fashion through my educational experience by majoring in Communication Sciences or Journalism this fall. Although I have a strong visual ability, I’d prefer to focus on my writing firstly, because that is what I currently do the most and love to do. Writing about fashion is such a personal and perfect fantasy and I am carried away each time I start from developing an article idea until I finish a writing piece.

My love for fashion started out years ago when returning from my yearly experience in England. I was researching information on the Internet and a Vogue photo shoot by Grace Coddington popped up; that was the moment of epiphany. I became utterly fascinated by how a picture could have a lot of meanings and motifs behind and all the messages that it portrays within itself. At the time I became so infatuated with Vogue and still am to this day!

Moving on, I started developing a fashion writing interest when I found out that I could send letters to Vogue and they could actually publish them if they were good enough. Then, I tried writing a photo shoot review of their June 2014 issue and realized that I loved it! A few months later, I saw that the letter was published in Vogue’s September issue (featuring the nine fantastic Instagirls) and became overly excited. Another few months later, I decided to apply to Teen Vogue Fashion University and got accepted to the three-day event in New York City. There, I met the editors, made great friends and did networking for the first time in my life. Currently, I am a Staff Writer for Musings Magazine and a Fashion Contributor for Couturesque Magazine, where I’ve been learning a lot from the editors and my worldwide colleagues.

I would define my personal style as classic yet modern, crisp and colorful. I like the idea of my clothes being invigorating and vivid because that is exactly how I directly translate my feelings into clothes. You’ll always see me wearing a colorful button shirt and tailored pants (never denim), along my complementary go-to watch. I always try to have a good mix of these and also experiment new things once in a while, because that is the charm that fashion brings into our daily lives.

That being said, I will do the best of my works to bring you a unique fashion style from different campuses in Monterrey, Mexico. Hope you enjoy it!