STYLE GURU BIO: Holly Grober

Hey loves! My name is Holly Grober and I’m a junior marketing major at Walsh University. This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I’m thrilled to gain new style inspiration, as well as hopefully inspire some of you! Fun fact: I’m a member of the Walsh women’s basketball team, so my style around campus is pretty casual since I’m constantly going from class to practice. I do love to dress up though for a night out or a weekend trip. When I’m not on the basketball court or blogging about fashion, you can find me in your local ice cream or coffee shop or crying over Grey’s Anatomy.

My personal style varies pretty drastically depending on my mood and what I’m doing that day. Neutrals and darker hues are always my go-to though. I’m also completely obsessed with anything suede, as you can see from my booties pictured above. I’m currently trying to convince myself that quality really is better than quantity, but this is difficult for me considering I’m a broke college student and I also get tired of trends/pieces easily. I’m not really into caring about what brands I wear. I truly believe that if you find something you like then you should rock it, regardless of where you bought it. Right now my favorite places to shop are H&M, Zara and T.J. Maxx. I also love unique flea market and thrift shop finds, like my bangles pictured above.

This past summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend two weeks in Italy with my team. We traveled through Rome, Florence, Sorrento, and the Isle of Capri. It was the most amazing two weeks of my life and of course I gained some fabulous Italian style inspiration, which you will see sporadically throughout my posts. The bag in the pictures above is from the Florence leather market and it is definitely my go-to bag for fall. I hope you all have a RAD semester!