STYLE GURU BIO: Hayden Flanders

January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Wow! Time has flown by and I am already writing my third STYLE GURU BIO! I remember the day that I wrote my first article and began my journey with CollegeFashionista.

My name is Hayden Flanders and I am a student studying fashion merchandising at Kent State University. Being at a school with a large fashion focus, I always find myself being so inspired by everyone surrounding me. With all of this inspiration, it is a constant adventure to snap and blog about new trends around campus.

Outside of campus, I have grown up with the opportunity to travel around the globe to cities that are full of unique faces and Fashionistas. Every moment I spend ends up being focused around the looks and outfits of strangers. As self-expression is an important factor in my life, being able to express myself with my style is truly what drives me every day.

I am based out of New York City and love exploring new things about the city every day that I am not away studying. On my average day, you would probably see me rocking some wild and fun ensemble with my music playing to the beat of my strut.

As for my closet, I would say it is about half and half. While black has been my favorite color, there are times when I need some brighter colors in my life and I have to make sure I am prepared! I challenge myself to try to come up with a new look every day and never wear the (exact) same thing twice.

From the past two semesters and a summer internship in the office, I am so excited to continue writing and working with CollegeFashionista! It is truly an amazing opportunity to write for the best website on the web and I hope that you enjoy my posts as much as I do blogging them!