STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah VanDyke

January 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Hannah VanDyke and I’m attending Hope College in Michigan. Currently, I’m a junior there and I’m studying Communications as well as Art and Sociology. I’m obsessed with doing hand lettering, stationary, coffee and Audrey Hepburn. I work at a local clothing boutique this semester and I’m really loving it.

My love for fashion goes way back. At the school I went to as a kid, the girls had to wear skirts to the knee, so I was always trying to find fun ways to make my outfit unique and different. I love layering things, adding necklaces, scarves, funky tights or any type of accessory to change up the look. I was always stealing clothes from my older sisters’ closets to make my outfits better. I’ve always been the one among my family and friends that everyone goes to for fashion advice (as well as coffee advice). Like I mentioned before, I’ve always loved to be unique and express myself. Fashion is the way I can express my creativity. If I can, I try to not repeat outfits. I think that it’s so true that if you put something nice on and actually get dressed up, it can totally affect your mood and the way you look at yourself that day instantly.

My style depends on the day. I’ve grown up with a very classy mom who has great style. ?There are some days where I find that my style tends to reflect her fashion influence on me. This means that I wear a lot of basics without much layering. Other days, it’s a mixture of styles: comfy, loose and layered. I find it an exciting challenge to buy items that no one else has.

In this look, I am layering a BB Dakota fur vest over a basic Gap black turtleneck. For bottoms, I’m wearing some stretchy and soft black Old Navy skinny jeans. My tortoise and glitzy necklace is from J.Crew. At the bottom, my little brown booties are from Nordstrom Rack.

Stay tuned for my posts this semester and don’t forget to give each article a #RAD !