STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Hillman

My name is Hannah Hillman and I inspire to be a fashion merchandiser. I am 19 years old and my favorite two hobbies are fashion and photography.

I love fashion and it has always been my passion since my eleventh grade year in high school. During eleventh grade I wasn’t always so confident in what I wanted to be because I just started getting into fashion, but I decided to research fashion jobs to gather up what I could. Even now being a sophomore in college I am still unsure if I want this to be my career. I try to stay true to myself and make sure that I do what I want in life and not anyone else. When I applied for CollegeFashionista I did not think that I was going to get accepted because I currently go to Georgia Military College and they do not have anything with fashion. I plan to transfer to Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2017. I would consider my style to be all over the place. I like all kinds of styles from really girly to really tomboy. One day I will wear a dress in wedges and the next I have on my high top Nikes and ripped boyfriend jeans with a baseball T-shirt. I love culture, DIY stuff and anything creative. I look forward to being a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista.

For my STYLE GURU BIO look, I love edgy and glam mashed together. For me the black ripped jeans express edgy, while my silver sequin shirt expresses glam. I felt this outfit was perfect because it shows how I am without having to say it. I chose my pink Doc Martens to tie this together because they are girly due to the pink, but also they are edgy. This is perfect fall fashion!