STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Goldstein

After over a year of living in the city of Seattle, I now consider myself a bit of a city girl. My roots, however, are in a small town in Oregon. Moving to Seattle meant leaving behind a community of practical athletic-wear for one of experimental trendsetters. Even before this transition, I was always more at home in heels and peacoats than I was in hiking boots and Patagonia jackets. This part of my life journey can sum up my sense of style in two words: always overdressed.

I was in middle school when I realized that I was always the most formally dressed at any given event or environment I was in. Notice how I say “most formally dressed” instead of “best dressed,” as there is an important distinction. I had to learn the hard way that just because I wear my favorite velvet party dress with my favorite sparkly shirt doesn’t mean my outfit is remotely fashionable. Though I’ve since learned how to appropriately match my favorite pieces, these pieces have never ceased being fairly formal. My closet has primarily consisted of skirts and dresses since I can remember. In fact, just one week ago I bought my first pair of jeans since middle school. They’re dark wash and high-waisted. and these rather formal jeans are the most casual item of clothing in my closet.

Over the years, my sense of style has only become more and more dressy. I developed an obsession with jewelry (particularly trendy statement pieces) in high school, and most recently, I started wearing non-natural makeup on the days I feel up to doing my makeup. I’m currently obsessed with statement lipstick like this dark red color. Add these developments in the accessories department to my already formal closet, and you can see how easy it is for me to be overdressed in any given situation.