STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Chait

Hello Fashionistas! First and foremost my name is Hannah Chait. I am a Junior at The George Washington University. I am studying Politics in the greatest place to study this subject, which is Washington D.C. Everyday I am so inspired by the people that I meet and the ambition that drives this incredible city.

While Fashion may not be my main area of study, it has given me this incredible platform in which I can express myself through fashion. Recently I began working on Capitol Hill for a Congressman. This opportunity has allowed me to experiment in the business professional and business casual arena of clothing. Before this job I never had a reason to wear a pencil skirt, but now I have a great reason to own as many wonderful suits and blouses as my heart desires! In contrast to this job, I have also begun working at Free People in Georgetown. This experience has allowed me to try out new and interesting bohemian looks that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to.

My personal style is inspired everyday by this ever-changing city, which, in turn, has allowed my style mirror this versatility. Some days I rock a fitted tweed suit, nude kitten heels, and my trusty Longchamp. Meanwhile, on other days I wear my Free People Super-Flare jeans, a ’70s inspired babydoll-tee and my light-brown Vegan Leather Tote. I love the way my style can change and adapt to new experiences. I think experimenting with new looks can be an incredible way to get to know yourself, and inspire others!

Washington D.C. is one of the most powerful cities in the world, and I can’t wait to showcase the wonderful fashion that is hidden in every nook!