June 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

When one of my older sisters pinned a blanket around me and clipped Pretty Pretty Princess jewels to my ears, I proudly posed in the look. At four years old, I enjoyed parading around the room in the fuzzy Grecian gown. Little did I realize, this fun weekend activity would kickstart one of my favorite things in life, my love for fashion.

When I grew older, I took my shot at creating a dress from unconventional materials. After watching every season of Project Runway, I felt confident in my ability to sculpt a dress made from magazine pages. This project required more than folding stacks upon stacks of paper and attempting not to burn all of my fingertips with hot glue. (Saturday Night Live reruns and batches of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were also a great help in the process). Above all, I found this project to be fun, as it created the perfect fusion for two of my passions: art and fashion.

Fittingly, my favorite event of the year is the Met Gala. I love discovering which A-list celebrities are posing on the red carpet and as their arrivals take place, I’m glued to my phone. I’m on trend alert, screenshotting and sending my findings and picks for best dressed to my friends and sisters. I always anxiously await the opening of the exhibit to the public, so I can experience part of the event’s wonder.

I’m currently an art history major at Vassar College and I just finished my sophomore year there. I’m super excited for summer to be here, as I’ll be spending my months off in Manhattan and pursuing two internships related to art and fashion! I can’t wait to see which trends I’ll be able to spot on the streets and which art shows I’ll attend.

Here’s to a great summer!