January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

As a sophomore at Michigan State University, I face the same daily struggles as every other regular college student. I wonder why I procrastinated my final project until the day before it was due, why my bank account and I are always in a complicated relationship and why read receipts were ever invented. As a first time Style Guru, I am excited to take on the problems of a college student in really great shoes!

My style has thankfully evolved from my days of sweatpants and hoodie sweatshirts in high school. Since then, I do my best to show my girly style in affordable, practical and fashionable ways. My favorite thing is combining staple pieces with statement items, like a really great necklace or pop of color. By creating a full closet full of versatile items, I’ve found the flexibility to repurpose pieces and give life to whole new outfits. People will often see my favorite black and white striped long sleeve shirt paired with vests, colored pants or layered with a military jacket. One versatile item is frequently the root to a ridiculous amount of outfits.

I fuel my inspiration with Pinterest. I look to it to find variety in simplicity. From there, I’ll often recreate blogworthy outfits with things that make sense for day-to-day wear. Building a versatile closet can come with a cost, but by shopping at less expensive stores, I am able to construct J.Crew worthy outfits at Old Navy prices.

Over the next semester, I hope to bring you affordable fashion and trends from campus, and I look forward to getting to bring you some of my own favorite looks!