Hello world! My name is Hairol and I am a rising sophomore at Syracuse University, where I dual major in advertising and information management. School in upstate New York has definitely been a big transition for me—I am a born and bred Bay Area girl (go Warriors!). I’ve never followed trends very closely and I have a love for vintage clothing (probably plucked out of my mom’s closet) and thrift stores, whether it is a small hidden gem in San Francisco’s Mission District or my local Goodwill. I am a big believer that fashion doesn’t need a big price tag to look neat and unique, something that I think isn’t realized on many college campuses.

I get most of my inspiration from many YouTubers, bloggers and different Instagram accounts, usually from people all around the world. Most of what I wear is comfortable and functional—what’s the use in having a cute outfit if you can’t breathe in it? I’ve always needed heavy duty clothes to keep up with my rather spontaneous self: my Stan Smiths have served me well while I hopped barbed wire fences and my corduroy jacket has withstood both hail and snow.

I’m excited to bring to you fashion as I know it in Northern California—from San Jose to San Francisco, there’s always an exciting and unique new look around the corner. I will also be interning at the Taiwan branch of TBWA, an international ad agency this summer, so stay tuned for urban street style from the other side of the world!

Outside of my love for clothes, I am a fan of lime hot Cheetos, Shiba Inu dogs, excessive napping and creative writing. I continue my quest every day to find the perfect bowl of Ramen, as I love to cook in my free time. You can find me typing away at the local coffee shop, frantically trying to julienne carrots in the kitchen and attempting to climb some graffiti-speckled wall in my neighborhood. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more snippets of my life and check out for some of my writing!