STYLE GURU BIO: Gwyneth Mulliken

Hi all! My name is Gwyneth Mulliken and I’m a freshman at Penn State University. I was born in London, but grew up in Connecticut. After 18 years of life, I’m very excited for this opportunity to fully, and professionally, express my interest in fashion. I’m constantly inspired by the world around me so I can only hope that my outfits will inspire you all as well.

My love for fashion unconsciously developed around the age of 14. Because of my proximity to New York, my mom would take me to explore the lively city a few times a year. I was always in awe of the beautiful women so confidently expressing themselves through interesting clothing choices. Now, as a freshman in college, I’ve learned a great deal about my own style. It’s quite hard to summarize my personal style in a few words because my inspiration comes from all over the place. My love for music plays a huge part in my personal style. My outfits sometimes reflect specific genres or bands I’ve been listening to. Recently, I’ve been really into The Black Keys so my outfit for this article is both edgy and fun.

I like to mix and match with different prints and textures, ultimately following zero rules. I think fashion is all about exploring and expressing yourself. You can see this in the outfit I chose for this article. There should be no specific rules for what can and cannot be paired together. If you want to wear a graphic T-shirt with a fancy skirt, then do it!

I have a lot of goals for the future and I think this internship is a great start to my fashion career. I’m so excited to share more about my own style with you all and be part of such an awesome community of people. Stay tuned for more outfits!