STYLE GURU BIO: Gretchen Bayer

Hi everyone! My name is Gretchen Bayer. I am currently a sophomore studying fashion merchandising with a concentration in public relations at Kent State University in OH. I am so very grateful to go to such a wonderful school and to share such a deep passion with an abundant amount of classmates and peers within this industry. I admire that Kent State encompasses individuality and that simple aspect is so evident when walking through campus. I have strived to gain as much experience as I can within this fast-paced field and have learned more than I ever could have imagined from my opportunity as a Fashion Ambassador at Nordstrom Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.

My love for this lifestyle began when I was seven years old when I found myself struggling to take my eyes away from my sketchbook. If I end up living out my dream job which would either be in the fashion or beauty industry, I would wake up and start each and every day loving what I do; it would not feel anything like dreadful “work.” My makeup artistry business is forever changing. It keeps me updated on trends and I love enhancing girls’ natural beauty and seeing the smile on their face when they leave the studio.

I am a statement piece kind of girl. I find one piece that I love whether it is a shirt, skirt, accessory or shoe and I center the rest of my outfit around that. If I’m out and about, you’ll usually find me wearing lululemon running from class to hot yoga and back to class once again. Depending on how I feel that day is how I dress. I wouldn’t particularly say I have one specific style, but I will admit that it is forever changing while always remaining true to myself.

I chose this blue Zara leather jacket as my statement piece. I stumbled across it in Miami, FL and could not leave without it! This jacket, although the color is very unique, it remains versatile. I paired it with a pair of white shorts due to the weather and matched the color of the suede shoes and the basic ribbed top from Express. I layered Alex & Ani bracelets along with Sabika, which is a jewelry company based out of Pittsburgh. For the necklace, I chose this simplistic choker that attracts the sun and reflects beautifully. Hope you enjoyed!

Fashion is moving art. It is such a precious and beautiful industry and I am so very honored to have this opportunity and to share it with so many amazing and inspiring individuals. I cannot wait to see all of your creative and diverse styles!