Hi fellow fashion enthusiasts!

I am Grace, a 20-year-old college student trying to find fashion inspiration in a sweatpants and tee kind of world! I take everyday as a possibility to feel good about yourself and off set that in to the rest of your day. Being able to create my personal look everyday is something that I take a lot of pride and fun in.

This is my first time fashion blogging for CollegeFashionista and I could not be more excited to share my creativity! I am currently a college student at Rutgers in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Here in New Jersey, and especially at a huge university like Rutgers, plenty of people take chances with their looks. Seeing a variety of fashion inspires me to keep up on my own fashion and not fall back to the basics. This being said, it is pretty normal to add that edgy spunk in day-to-day fashion. Being less than an hour away from New York has always kept my fashion open because of the constant trends that cycle into New Jersey.

My styles mainly stems from simplicity and edge. I like to style my outfits around one or two accessories and statement pieces. I like a nice put together look, while still keeping it unique. On my Style Guru page you will often find unique jewelry, statement lips or statement shoes. I am also a HUGE makeup junkie, so expect some funky makeup looks that add to my look.

I can’t wait to show you what my creativity and spunk brings to my fashion. Happy reading!