STYLE GURU BIO: Grace Lawson

Hi there, fabulous Fashionistas/os! I’m Grace Lawson, a new Style Guru for this summer semester and super excited to become a part of this community! I’ll be bringing you styles from halfway across the world as I travel this summer with my current destination and hometown being Hong Kong. I’ll be interning at some smaller local fashion brands here in Hong Kong for just over a month, before I go to back to the U.S. for the rest of the summer. When the summer ends, I’ll be returning to Cornell University in freezing upstate New York as a sophomore in the fiber science and apparel design major, with a concentration in fashion design.

My style is constantly changing, but right now I’m feeling the flirty and feminine vibes. I am always trying to style myself with an effortless touch. I am also firm believer in having simple, basic pieces that can been restyled into hundreds of outfits. Since I’ll be traveling this summer, I’ll be living out of my suitcase filled with essentials but hopefully picking up a few new pieces here and there.

Today I’ve chosen my trusty ol’ Champion White Keds, perfect for traipsing around a metropolitan city. Then to add the feminine flare, I slipped on a dusty pink faux suede lace-up skirt from Hollister Co. over a simple, tucked-in, slinky white tank top. To keep the chill at bay when walking in and out of air-conditioned malls, I made sure to bring along a basic gray boyfriend sweater which you can also grab from Hollister Co.. To top the look off, I grabbed a pair of thrifted cat-eye sunnies and a gray floppy felt hat to go because you never know when the sun may come out to play.

I am so excited about sharing my summer adventures with you and hope to capture interesting trends over on this side of the world to report back to here on CollegeFashionista.