STYLE GURU BIO: Glenna Duden

If I had to sum up my fashion style in one word it would be incognito.  I love hiding bits of things I enjoy into everything I wear.  Whether it’s a fox ring or a pair of my favorite comic hero earrings, you can always find something I love in what I wear.  In this particular outfit, it is a gold movie character pin.

Recently, I had to change up my winter style from surviving the cold winters of Iowa to the warm winters of Florida.  This included saying goodbye to my long winter coats. So instead I switched to shorter, more professional jackets.  They keep me warm when it gets cold but it also doesn’t get too hot on those 80 degree winter days in Florida.

I typically like to keep things simple in my fashion choices.  I try to stay away from too many patterns and colors while also staying fun.  I have a bit of an old spirit so I lean towards a more professional fashion style.  I particular enjoy vests and jackets especially during the colder seasons.  The feathered hair piece is an item I love wearing.  I think it gives the outfit a classy, yet fun aspect.  The shoes that I am wearing are a comfy wedge style of heel.  They are easy to walk in and give my legs a little extra length.  The maroon jacket was a new item I got for Christmas and I love it! The material catches the light beautifully and it even has pockets!