STYLE GURU BIO: Gina Gramarossa

Hello fellow Fashioistas and Fashionistos, my name is Gina! I am a Style Guru for the summer of 2016 and so ecstatic to contribute my ideas to others who have interest in fashion as well! I am currently in the midst of obtaining my degree at Sacred Heart University. While being a Marketing major with a minor in Fashion Merchandising, my love and passion has increased tremendously for fashion.

Of course after my first year away at college I was thrilled for summer as well as everyone else. Summer does not only cause excitement from the warm weather, ocean waves, vacations and being home with family and friends, but also the season to dress to impress. We are finally able to wear our favorite outfits with the tan we’ve been waiting for all year round. The new trends spiral throughout summer to make the season even more exciting than it already is. Summer dresses, shorts, cute tops, wedges, stylish bathing suits and more open-toe shoes are what make this season so fun, trendy and relaxing.

Just as summer is arriving, this navy and white striped dress I’m wearing is perfect for the new season! The color navy continues to become more trendy. I am also wearing a white denim vest and Michael Kors brown shoes. The white denim vest complements the colors of this summer dress perfectly, while the shoes give the whole outfit a taste of a different color to wrap up the look. This style of shoes is a new trend that started recently. Many college students are wearing them in many different colors! This outfit can be worn during a warm sunny day or even a casual night event.