STYLE GURU BIO: Gilmarie Perea-Ruiz

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello lovely Fashionistas/os! I’m back for another exciting and rad year with CollegeFashionista. I’m very humbled they accepted me for another year as a Style Guru for Syracuse University. I’m even more humbled and excited for this new year because I was also accepted for the Editorial Internship. So, not only will I be writing my own articles, but editing other articles as well. Sadly this will be my last semester with this rad team as I’m graduating in May, but I will make this fashionable journey one I will never forget.

To me fashion has always been in my interest ever since my sisters got me into it. I would constantly read all the Nylon magazines my sisters would buy. Then I started reading Teen Vogue and all other fashion magazines that were just lying around the house. My sisters and I would get bored so we would imitate some of the looks from magazines and do mini photoshoots. They actually came out pretty cool. We even sent a few to Nylon magazine but unfortunately we never heard from them. Fashion blogs began to take over the world and I sort of stopped buying magazines. Getting advice from everyday fashion bloggers in the streets around the world seemed more realistic to me than glossy images. All the inspiration I got through the years is what drove me to write about fashion. This will be my second semester writing on this subject and I can’t wait to show you lovely readers the passion I have for it.

The look I’m wearing is inspired by what I’m expecting to see this spring at SU. I expect to see a lot of fresh, clean colors that pop out like white, royal or baby blue and bright red. I also expect to see lots of lace incorporated into the style. It makes the outfit look very feminine and special. Some floral prints will be making its entrance into spring as well. The pencil skirt will be worn a lot this year as Kim Kardashian has sported expertly.

In fashion, I like to take risks, but I guess you can say my style is classic with a mix of grunge. I can’t wait to see what styles SU students will be wearing this semester! Just make sure to always look your best because I’ll be looking out for all you lovely fashion enthusiasts!