STYLE GURU BIO: Gabrielle Orefici

Hello again fellow Fashionista/os! This is my second semester a Style Guru, and a lot has changed! I have officially dove in head first into the Big Apple, as a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although extremely overwhelming, the most exciting time of my life is finally here at my fingertips. Being a native New Yorker, I have been well versed with the city my whole life, but nothing is quite the same as living here full time. You never actually realize how much is happening right in front of your eyes. Life is moving non-stop in the streets of Manhattan, and your style needs to keep up with the fast paced community.

As a college student, my wardrobe has taken the transition into a more capsule wardrobe; limited pieces (limited space, I live in a city apartment!) that can transition from day to night, and functional for class. I still wear my two favorite colors: black and white. My wardrobe will probably always consist of a neutral palette, no matter where I am living. I really enjoy wearing sneakers when walking around the city for obvious comfort reasons. I invested in a pair of all white adidas Superstar sneakers for everyday use. My loose fitting black pants from H&M are perfect for my classes and can easily transition into a dinner time outfit. Bodysuits are also heavenly, they are perfect for going out and they are also so easy to hop into before rushing to class. Fellow students on campus will see me running late for class (probably everyday!) in outfits just like this all year round. New transitions have me a little frazzled!

I am so glad I signed back on for the fall 2016 semester! Being a Style Guru over the summer improved my writing skills and made me more confident in my professional abilities. I can’t wait to see some of my fellow Fashionista/os on campus this year, and for everyone else’s posts from around the world! Cheers to another #RAD semester!