STYLE GURU BIO: Gabriela DosRamos

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

To say I grew up reading every word of Vogue, spent hours soaking in the beauty of high fashion runway shows or memorized every supermodel’s name would be a lie. My interest in fashion starts from my home. My grandmother is from Venezuela, a developing country, and still managed to become a well-known wedding gown designer. People would fly in the see her visions come to life and trust her with the most expensive and important dress they will ever buy. However, when you are not buying a wedding gown, that creative eye can be slightly less appreciated. Especially when the voice of that vision is your mother while you are looking for your seventh grade semi-formal dress, and every dress after that and long after the day you buy your own wedding dress.

My family has taught me about the great importance of dressing for your style. No one looks good in every style, but it has always amazed me how much a woman can transform when she is confident about what features she should show off and dresses in a flattering manner. Besides a transformation in personal poise, I have always loved the costume effect that clothes can have on people. For this reason, I never limit myself to one style. If I did that I would be limiting the many dimensions, or maybe just alter egos that I love to embrace. My closet is filled with clothes from thrift stores to Lilly Pulitzer to Nike sneakers and all the layers of styles and trends in-between.

The outfit I am wearing shows my personal style off well. A trend I love is the high-waited pant, especially the way it has been used lately in the jogger pant.  I lifted the pant to show off my black bootie shoes. Lastly, I contrasted the loose pant with a tight crop top that adds a pop of color.

Growing up I kept up with fashion through the television. My mom, my sister and I would watch all the red carpet events and discuss the gowns different celebrities wore as if the billionaires were concerned with our opinions. However, we always discussed what we would change, why the gown was not flattering, or what alterations we would make if it was for ourselves. From the beginning I was taught how to make fashion a work of art and mix the right colors and textures to create something beautiful. Now, I keep in touch with trends through social media, magazines, and travelling. Currently I am on a dialogue to study fashion trends in London and Paris. These countries are considered the fashion capitals of the world and after this trip I fully believe that. The amount of inspiration I have seen while here has changed my view of fashion and its impact forever. I hope to one day work for a fashion company and help with business negotiations, promotions and buying events.

I cannot wait to be inspired by all your looks and look forward to posting for you all every Monday!