STYLE GURU BIO: Florencia Luna

Hello my dear friends! My name is Florencia Luna, and I’m currently studying art direction in Miami Ad School Lima. I’m more than excited to begin this wonderful journey with CollegeFashionista. It’s such a pleasure to write about the topic we love the most: fashion!

I always thought that fashion was more than just clothes, indeed, I consider it to be the extension of peoples’ soul. The garments you wear are like unexpressed words; every thread that covers your body is screaming who you are. In my opinion, outfits are the manifesto of the powerful ideas that are inside a head. In my case, my looks are an explosion of my crazy brain.

On the other hand, I believe that fashion, as well as beauty, art and style, are those very special words whose definition could change depending on your personal point of view. These type of concepts are adaptable to the ideas you have about life. For example from my personal experience, fashion has always being the light of my life. It gave me the essential hope to keep moving forward; it let me feel the magical, even in a real world. As soon as I get into a store, the diversity of fabrics, patterns and textures are begging me to touch them. Yes, that is the way I feel every time I go shopping. However, the amazing feeling of being surrounded by clothes is something that I haven´t experienced in another situation. This is why I’m into fashion: it totally rules my world.

However, I have to admit that is difficult to describe my style. I’m more eclectic than I thought I was. Expect the unexpected should be the slogan of my blog, because my life is the reincarnation of a Pandora box. For instance, this season I’m feeling like a rocker ’90s girl: glamorous sequins, metallic piecesoversized clothes, washed effect and even a silver jacket. Of course, I see some shocked faces every time. Peruvians aren’t so open-minded yet, but I’m getting used to it.

I hope you enjoy this page as much as I do. Let’s amaze the world with our #RAD looks!