STYLE GURU BIO: Fionna Cheuk

Hi people of the internet! If you’ve never seen my posts from the previous semester, my name is Fionna Cheuk and I’m told I look taller in photos than I do in real life. Expectations versus reality, I guess.

I loved being a Style Guru so much last semester that I wanted to do it again! So here I am. Who would have thought that I’d love being a part of the fashion world and blogging so much? I remember when I was five and all I wanted to be was a singer. Things change so much, but I’m not complaining! I never realized I’d love blogging as much as I do now. Interning for CollegeFashionista has allowed me to meet some fellow Fashionistas and partner with brands that I love. It’s really an awesome experience.

Another great thing about being a Style Guru is seeing how different people style things, as well as seeing your own personal style and tastes change. There are lots of inspiration to take from on CollegeFashionista so whenever you’re feeling like you don’t have anything to wear, this is a great place to gather ideas.

Here I am wearing a cute lace-up bodysuit that has been on trend and sweeping over Instagram, with a pair of high-waisted Levi’s and some chunky boots. I thought I’d show a summer look just to do a quick throwback before we officially head on over to all things winter.

Oh, and happy holidays!