STYLE GURU BIO: Faith Cusi-Tesoro

My name is Faith and I’m an International Business undergraduate at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in fashion. From what my favorite celebrities were wearing to editorials in Teen Vogue, I always made a little mental note on reoccurring trends and pieces. Now I’ve turned a majority of my attention to trends during fashion week, the looks of models “off-duty” and, of course, other fashion bloggers.

Growing up just outside of Toronto I was exposed to a variety of different styles and it took a while for me to develop my own look. Transitioning from an almost-preppy wardrobe, I’ve found a love for a more minimalistic/athlesiure look. My current wardrobe is filled with neutrals and monochromatic pieces. A few of my go-to pieces include a pair of sneakers, a leather jacket and a simple statement accessory, typically a watch. I’ve learned that there’s nothing better than the feeling of putting an outfit together that makes you feel amazing and that you’re comfortable in.

I hope to enter the fashion industry from a business perspective as it’ll integrate my studies and one of my main interests. I’m super excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista this summer and look forward to being a Style Guru. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts throughout the summer!