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January 6th, 2016 at 2:06am

Hello to all the super fab Fashionistas/os out there! My name is Eva, and I am a senior at the University of Minnesota where I am almost done with my journalism degree (crazy!). With just one semester left, it’s slowly starting to hit me that in three months I will no longer need to buy those overpriced textbooks or deal with stressful registration issues. And my last semester in college also means my last semester writing for CollegeFashionista, something that has hit me quite hard.

After a magical five semesters of writing for CollegeFashionista, I could not be more secure in my career aspirations. Ever since I was a young girl, I knew fashion writing was something I wanted to pursue. Paging through Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar was a daily occurrence in my household, and my sister and I once created our very own fashion magazine, where we modeled clothing and wrote little articles. Writing for CollegeFashionista, where I was a contributor to this fashion-writing world I was so in awe of as a child, was the highlight of my time in college.

My love for fashion and fashion writing and editing has escalated over the course of a few years. But there is no single word to describe the pieces you would find in my closet—my style changes depending on how I am feeling that day. I love taking risks, something I would encourage you all to do, especially when it comes to fashion. Though there are set “fashion rules,” sometimes it is fun to break them and can lead to some amazing outfits.

With one semester left, I will surely be making the most of time as a Style Guru. I cannot wait to roam around campus with my camera in hand and photograph the super rad Fashionistas/os that make up the diverse University of Minnesota campus. Stay tuned for what my camera lens captures!