STYLE GURU BIO: Estefania Lastre

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow reader, my name is Estefania. You can call me Nia for short, or by my blogger name, The Classic. My posts are for anyone who is interested in fashion, the personal and creative side of it. I feel that when people think of fashion, they tend to relate it to a fake, superficial world, one that only matters if you own the “IT” designer brand collections or go to the “IT” place to hangout, eat or even travel.

Because of this, I write to inspire others in using fashion for true self-expression. I want to help you create a genuine lifestyle, based on finding little niches of things you honestly like, not just the things that include going to the most popular place considered to be “in.” I also want to engage you to find your style of putting together clothing pieces that you like, not necessarily ones strictly based on wearing the most expensive designer brands. Instead of going with the standard status quo society creates, I want you to focus on a style based on finding simple, unique, more economic pieces.

After all, fashion is not just what you wear, but the lifestyle in which you live. And who wants to live in a fashion based solely on what other people’s basic lifestyles portray to be “in?” You don’t have to wear the most expensive brands to look stylish, but of course it does not hurt to own a couple of pieces if you can afford them.

My personal style is very trendy and varies from dresses, to skirts, to leggings and even jeans depending on my mood. I dress to express the way I’m feeling that particular day, whether it be more feminine or relaxed. I do my best to express my true self, and all the different parts of me that make me who I am. I never forget accessories, which are an essential part in completing an outfit. If I am out and about in the day light I love to wear glasses to add a little shine to my day; and ever since I was little I have had a thing for hats so do not be surprised to spot a few here or there in my posts.

Always remember that balance is the key to your closet, and the key to life. Remember always: quality over popularity. Because let’s be honest, for all of us shopaholics out there, there is no such thing as too much quantity of clothes in our closet. Just don’t be THAT person who won’t do or wear anything else other than the new, expensive, “in” trend. Instead be THE person who looks for the smart steals, making him or her, truly the most stylish for being so confidently unique.

Therefore, I hope you follow me in this journey against the standard perception of fashion to understand that, “Style is not changing to fit the fashion, but rather changing the fashion to fit you.”

For more about me check out my individual fashion site: www.againstthestandard.com