STYLE GURU BIO: Erica Langwell

Hey there and thanks for visiting my page! My name is Erica Langwell and I just recently finished up my junior year at the University of Kansas. I am currently majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Leadership Studies. I was drawn to both of these areas of education because they have allowed me to explore broad parts of the journalism world, while also growing as a person in the process.

I have always loved traveling and putting myself into new environments which allow me to step out of my comfort zone. Public relations, social media, fashion, pop culture and event planning have always been the main career path elements that I hope to pursue in the future! However, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and the future cannot always be planned. So I am very optimistic and open to whatever opportunities come my way in the future!

My personal style ranges from bright and preppy to dark and edgy, depending on the day. I enjoy having a diverse sense of fashion because it gives me a limitless amount of possibilities. Looking back, I think that a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from my history in dance. Every year, I would have a variety of costumes that ranged from glamorous and elegant, to flashy pieces that were daring and sometimes scandalous. This is because the costumes were created and chosen to emulate the style of the dance, just like how I choose my outfits today to reflect and emulate my mood.

The University of Kansas also represents a lot of diversity when it comes to fashion. Located right near the heart of downtown Lawrence, students are intermingled with all different types of people. Driving around campus and through the downtown streets of Lawrence, you can see a homeless person in dreadlocks, a frat star in Vineyard Vines and a professional businessperson in a suit, all within the same block.

I am very eager to dive into all of these different style trends this summer and to learn more about the inspiration behind them all. Make sure to keep an eye out for my articles this summer!