STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Seymour

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Emma Seymour, and I am excited to return for my second semester as a Style Guru for Cornell University! As I am studying fiber science, I enjoy writing for CollegeFashionista as my creative outlet. I’m looking forward to viewing Cornell’s fashion in the colder months ahead here in Ithaca.

I was not a stylish child, as my parents let me dress myself. I chose some ridiculous pieces that constantly clashed. Before kindergarten, I owned a Catholic school uniform (I’m Jewish), a gold swimsuit and a fur shrug—obviously the key components of any stylish wardrobe. However, I learned to not be afraid to dress adventurously! Clothes are for fun, not to be a status symbol.

When I am not writing for CollegeFashionista, I am either studying organic chemistry or working in a nutrition lab on campus (vegetarianism for the win). I’m a big kid at heart, and I would rather playing with infants than chatting with adults. I love preserving memories by scrapbooking and journaling. Sketches fill my notebooks, especially arrows, which are kind of my thing. My main food groups are coffee and pizza. I’d rather dance terribly than not dance at all. Surprising to some, I am a huge rap fan and cried on Slope Day when I saw Chance the Rapper. I love music festivals and vacations, as I would rather spend my money on experiences rather than objects. Therefore, my wardrobe is half hand me downs while the other half includes thrift store or discount purchases. Having fashionable friends and family helps this college student have her dream clothes.

I would say my style constantly changes. Some days, I fancy simple jeans and boots, while other days I’m rocking a plaid dress straight from the ‘90s. For me, I enjoy the creativity in fashion: being whoever you want each day. So one day I can channel Cara Delevingne with my favorite leather bomber while the next I can go full on Betsey Johnson with a patterned skirt. Either way, it’s all fashion and it’s all fun. Enjoy my musings about this fun filled fashion world I live in!