STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Pereira

May 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas! My name is Emma Pereira and I’m going to be blogging for College Fashionista this summer from Providence, Boston and Paris (Paris?! I know, I’m so excited!). I’m really looking forward to comparing and contrasting trends happening in these three amazing cities, while also sharing styling tips and tricks with you guys as this season unfolds.

My undying passion and love for the fashion industry took years of exposure for me to develop. It all began when I started modeling in middle school. Originally being from Providence, Rhode Island, home to the Rhode Island School of Design, the local modeling jobs I was offered gave me a “backstage” look at what their textile and apparel design students were creating. These experiences not only gave me a serious appreciation for art, clothes and the work put into creating those things, but also gave me the motivation and inspiration to pursue a career in the fashion industry myself, starting with my education. I am currently enrolled as a fashion communication and promotion student at Lasell College in Boston, Massachusetts. Attending Lasell has allowed me to develop enough courage to confidently say fashion is a field where I not only find myself fitting in, but I find that it’s where I belong.

As the seasons change, I would say my personal style changes too. I like to find the challenge in buying a piece outside of my comfort zone, or what would normally describe one style aesthetic (ex. bohemian, classic, feminine) and making it my own. But that’s why I love fashion so much; there’s wiggle room for inconsistency and risks! Personally, I tend to lean towards a more edgy and grungy look (studs, Vans and flannels are all musts), and would identify that as my “go-to” look, but some days you can catch me rocking a full-length fringe kimono and Coachella-like headpiece or even a floral sundress with a pair of cut-out oxfords. For me it depends on the occasion, season and mood that I want my outfit to bring about to those who look at it.

Attending Lasell has also affected my perspective on fashion and influenced my personal style as well. Spending days on end in classrooms with fashion majors like myself, I’ve become extremely inspired by the looks put together by my peers. I’m even more astounded by the trends that spread throughout the city of Boston year-round…and the shopping is great too!

My advice to any fashion-loving individuals, who are scared of taking risks with their wardrobe or changing their style aesthetic, would be to style new pieces in a way that goes back to your fashion roots. Your whole look doesn’t need to change! Like Oscar de la Renta once said, “Style is about being yourself.” Confidence is key, go for it!