My first post on College Fashionista, wow what a rush! What’s up guys? My name is Emma and this is my first semester creating content for CollegeFashionista. I just finished my freshman year at Kent State University where I am working towards a fashion merchandising degree with a minor in journalism. My dreams for after college include working for a fashion publication, moving from Indianapolis to New York City and becoming the owner of a Pug named Mosby.

I have been passionate about fashion and clothing since I was in elementary school and I spent a day sick at home that just so happened to be the day a Project Runway marathon would air. The creativity, fast pace and extravagance of fashion the show showed me that day became a dream that would grow and be built upon for the next eight years. Although I watched fashion designers scramble to create the most fabulous and innovative designs, they could on my television that day at home, I learned over the next few years that design was not my strong suit. I wasn’t proficient with a sewing machine, but the same is not to be said about a pen and paper.

Throughout high school I discovered my love of writing and saw that my two passions could seamlessly be combined to create a career goal that I was overly excited and motivated to pursue. My college search ultimately lead me to Kent State and although my desire to leave my Midwest roots were not met with my choice in a university, Kent State is the perfect choice for me (and anyways, New York will still be there after graduation).

At Kent I have found a student body that caters to helping me reach my dreams and grow in my creativity. I hope to bring the style of this student body, as well as my own style, to the readers through my outlet here on CollegeFashionista, so that everyone else who reads my articles can also have a piece of the community that Kent State students are lucky to be a part of.

My style tends to lean towards the minimal side, but I can’t help but to add my own unique touch to the simple ensembles. My favorite ways to spice up an outfit are a pair of cool sneakers like my gold New Blanances or bold sunglasses, such as the sleek mirrored pair I’m wearing in these shots. Look forward to more fashion forward looks like this one from the Fashionistas I find this summer and myself soon! Until next time, stay #RAD.