STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Flanagan

Hello again, fellow Fashionistas!

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Emma and I am a rising junior at Providence College. I am so excited to be back for my second semester here at CollegeFashionista! After getting a semester under my belt and learning the ropes, I am excited to really experiment with my posts and bring a little something extra this semester. But this time, I will not be reporting from Providence, Rhode Island, but instead from my hometown in New Jersey, where I will be for the summer.

Looking back on my last semester, it’s funny how much a person’s style can change over the course of four short months. I really find myself staying truer to a personal style that I define as a twist between classic, minimalistic and preppy (I tend to believe the summer brings out a little more of my preppy side, thanks to summers in Cape Cod growing up). At any given day you can probably find a piece from Madewell involved in my outfit, but lately I’ve found myself branching out and finding pieces similar to the “Madewell” feel to go along with, what I now consider, my staples.

This summer is a little bit different than previous ones in a couple of ways. First, I am prepping to spend my fall semester in Florence, Italy, studying at Florence University of the Arts—something I am thrilled to announce. Second, I am starting my first internship at a PR agency, which means a couple of “WHAT TO WEAR: Internship” posts coming your way!

Aside from my internship, I hope to spend my summer visiting some of my favorite places, taking trips to see my friends, and even exploring some new places. If you know me you know one thing: I like to keep busy and continue to plan things to do and my summers really reflect that part of my personality.

I’m excited to bring the world of CollegeFashionista along with me on all my summer adventures—into the city, to the beach, back to campus, and even to my internship—to explore every summer outfit opportunity to the fullest.