STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Bertrand

Hello, everybody! My name is Emma and I am a student of communication at the University of Dayton in Ohio. I originally hail from the suburbs of Chicago, but I am a California girl at heart. (The more you get to know me, the more you’ll realize I am secretly a hippie, but I’m just like everyone else and I put my Converse on one foot at a time).

I see social media as a powerful resource that should be used for good––you’d get a better idea of who I am from my Tumblr than any résumé. I find fashion inspiration all around me on campus, but I also like to glean looks from TV, movies and old photographs of my parents.

I aspire to look like I just walked out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue. I alternate between grunge flannels with ripped jeans and flowing sundresses with floral prints. Every item of clothing I own has a special story, making it too hard to give anything away. My mom calls me a hoarder, but I like to say I am a collector.

I enjoy using my crafty hands to transform Goodwill finds into new and chic one-of-a-kinds using scissors and bleach. I also maintain scrapbooks (that are more like collages than anything they would display at Hobby Lobby).

I am looking forward to living a Lizzie McGuire-like European dream while I study in London this summer––I can’t wait to capture all the amazing street style looks I discover around the city.

I hope to one day use my creative talents to earn a living in a career that is fun and exciting. Or maybe I’ll just be a princess at Disneyland; I still haven’t decided. Either way, I have a lot of living to do and I plan to enjoy every moment.