STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Williams

Guess who’s back—back again. Hint-hint, it’s me.

My name is Emily Williams, and I’m so excited to be returning as a Style Guru this summer! I’m a rising junior at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), and I’m majoring in journalism while minoring in fashion merchandising and Italian. I grew up in the quintessential college town of Charlottesville, Virginia and have returned for the summer. I’ll be working in retail which, in my world, is basically getting paid to spend hours looking at clothes.

If you look at the playlists on my iPhone you’ll find anything from Alabama Shakes to Beyoncé. Much like my taste in music, my personal style is constantly changing and has many different influences. My closet is a melting pot of different prints, colors, materials and styles. From a “Jackie O”-esque bubblegum pink coat to a black leather mini skirt, the items in my closet reflect the mood I want to dress for on any given day.

My closet also represents memories from any point of time in my life. I love that I can put on a dress and remember the last time I wore it, who I was with and where I was. Fashion is undeniably a huge part of history, and reflects the culture and attitude of society at that time. I love looking back at previous decades’ fashions and seeing what has influenced trends today. I’m particularly enjoying the resurgence of ‘90s style chokers and platform sandals.

Summer is my favorite season because of the ample free time and vacations, but most importantly because of the clothes. I love the simplicity that comes when dressing for warmer weather. There’s nothing better than being able to throw on a sundress and go. My summer staples are breezy maxi dresses, high-waisted denim shorts and lace-up sandals. Here’s to saying hello to summer and the carefree fashion that it brings!