Hey everyone! My name is Emily Roe and I am a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am so excited to be a Style Guru for the spring 2016 semester! Discovering new trends and popular styles has always been an interest of mine and I cannot wait to see what new trends the upcoming season brings. Growing up, I always knew that fashion was something I took a liking to from the beginning. When the time came for me to choose a major in college, the choice was clear that it would be Fashion Merchandising!

Choosing to attend VCU School of Arts was a great decision that has given me many opportunities I would not have otherwise. As a transfer student, I have been able to join multiple fashion-related clubs as well as land an awesome job working at the cutest boutique in Carytown! Having the opportunity to be a Style Guru this semester has me even more excited to be able to further engage with VCU and all the Fashionistas/os that roam around campus everyday.

Attending classes daily with a majority of fashion students is pretty awesome! Every girl and guy has their own unique style that shows in their outfits, which is great to draw inspiration from and gain a new outlook on fashion. My personal style for a day of classes aims for a casual look that will have me comfortable yet still looking cute and put together! A basic T-shirt paired with a leather jacket and jeans offers a casual vibe; a contrast when paired with my felt hat and booties. The outfit, complete with a statement necklace, gives the look a dressier feel that is great for class and and play!

I am so excited for this semester and hope you will follow along on my journey as a Style Guru this spring!