Hello Fashionistas! My name is Emily, but most people call me Ems. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Minnesota, so if you’re thinking I have the typical Minnesotan accent then you betcha. What I love most about Minnesota is that I can get a taste of the suburb, city, country, and lake life all at once. I recently made the transition from living at home and attending community college, to living in the dorms while attending Minnesota State University Mankato. While I’m here, I will be pursuing a major in mass media communication with a minor in marketing. This new year will be full of change and nothing short of an adventure for me.  I look forward to sharing with you the trends I try to encourage across this beautiful campus, as well as the amazing looks I spot amongst my fellow students.

While we are entering the spring semester, the Minnesota weather doesn’t show signs of temperatures above 50 degrees until March. So for now, I’m stuck styling fashion forward cold weather looks. The outfit I’m showing you today is my typical everyday look for running errands, attending class, and getting work done! I These ripped jeans are my go-to and not to mention, extremely comfy. I edged them up with a western style belt from ASOS. I paired them with a white, ribbed, v-neck cropped top that truly makes my handmade, pink, druzy stone necklace, pop in vibrance. I wanted the necklace to be the standout piece, so I kept the outfit clean by throwing on an oversized, plaid poncho with solid black, pointed toe booties to match. There are so many pieces to this look, but it flowed so nicely together.

I think the most prominent thing you will notice about me throughout this spring season is that I don’t have a pinpointed style quite yet. The beauty of being young is that I’m still trying to figure myself out, so I love trying trends from every category.