STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Murray

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas/os! My name is Emily Murray, I just finished my junior year at Michigan State University and I can’t think of a better way to spend the glorious upcoming summer months than reporting some of the finest fashions strutting along the banks of the Red Cedar River. I am a Professional Writing major, minoring in Public Relations. Writing has always been a cherished hobby to me, and I probably find clever puns and sharp wit to be a little too exciting. However, ever since the days I spent playing dress-up as a little girl, fashion has always been my greatest muse.

Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the MSU Dance Club and editor for VIM Magazine, which is MSU’s exclusive fashion source. Catching up with some of my favorite style icons such as Lauren Conrad, as well as working on my own fashion blog, From Me to Hue, are two ways I enjoy spending my free time. Eventually, I hope to pursue a career as a writer for a fashion publication, accessorizing the industry with my love for words and style.

I grew up In East Lansing, Michigan so it was no coincidence, but simply the perfect match that I became a Spartan. While pairing green and white has been a life-long color affair in my wardrobe, I am inspired by a myriad of styles and trends that stretch way beyond the boundaries of this little town. I love bold trends set by big city Fashionistas and major statements made by the authenticity of personal flair. Combining dainty and feminine looks with unexpected, yet dynamic pieces is a big influence in my own style. I think that taking chances, especially when it comes to your wardrobe, is important because nothing leaves an impression quite like the bold confidence of original style.

On an unusually chilly, but classic Michigan spring day, wearing neutral tones seemed like the prefect way to warm things up. Complimenting this simple canvas with a bright coral scarf from LOFT was an exciting way to bring my outfit to life and accenting my scarf with vintage layered necklaces helped detail a personal touch. To complete my look, I decided to take this final chance to wear my favorite tan booties before totally replacing them with my extensive sandal collection.

As a Style Guru, I’m looking forward to spreading my love of all things fashion by sharing the styles of MSU’s Fashionistas/os with you- here’s to a fun and fashionable summer!