STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Lebsock

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello there, party people! I’m Emily Lebsock, and I happen to be a senior at The Ohio State University and I am a Photography major with a minor in Fashion Retail Studies. I like to talk about the trials and tribulations that are plaguing the fashion community today. You know, like how can I make my paycheck go a little bit further to buy those cute periwinkle shoes I’ve had my eye on? The serious stuff.

I have a mild shopping addiction, but with my ever shrinking college student budget I have to find a good bargain wherever I can. Finding a clothing item that looks like a higher priced version for a fraction of the cost is what I love, sometimes verging on a slight obsession. My style varies anywhere from One Direction band member to an Olsen twin, or anything that falls in-between that spectrum. What I wear really depends on my mood, some days I’m feeling seven shades of sassy, so I’ll wear something that reflects that. Other days, I’m much more laid back and the good ole’ classic T-shirt and jeans does just the trick.

Being a Photography major, I find myself always moving, crouching, sitting in trees or doing various yoga poses in order to get the shot I want. Because of this, I can’t exactly always go around in a dress and heels. Though, I think playing with colors and fun jewelry pieces can help make any basic outfit pop. Finding good staples that I can play up with a funky pair of shoes, or chunky jewelry to put my own spin on my clothing is always my go-to with my busy schedule.

I am constantly inspired by the fashion around me, whether by another peer, artwork or a spread in Vogue. I am always looking for new ways to invigorate my wardrobe and use the pieces I have in an interesting way. Having fun with fashion is something I ascribe to, never sticking really with one style but adding my own quirky sense of style to the trends to make them my own. I am always drawn with a weird cosmic magnetism towards bold statement pieces; a loud bedazzled sweater, statement jewelry, an awesome leather jacket, a wide legged pant in a fabulous print or a chunky heeled ankle boot. I love pieces that stand out on their own that can be either dressed up or down to make any outfit fierce.

I am ever so excited to combine both my passions of photography and fashion in order to share with you the fashions around my campus and in Columbus. Hope you all enjoy reading and seeing my perspective on fashion this summer. Be sure to check out my posts every Monday!