STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Kerrigan

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

A lover of all things Grey’s Anatomy with a conflicting desire to consume both kale and cupcakes, I enjoy attempting to speak German and taking long walks with my dog. I am a third-year student at UCLA (Go Bruins!) studying Music Performance. I am also lucky enough to be a member of the UCLA Opera Department, which means alongside my love for fashion, I have a passion for singing classical music. Music is a huge part of my life and has led me to other creative mediums of expression such as photography, film, and painting. A native San Diegan, I am a die-hard Southern California girl at heart. However, behind all the sunny beaches and the In-N-Out, I am a huge fan of sleek, East Coast fashion.

Being a student in Los Angeles has encouraged me to push the limitations of my personal style and self-confidence. No matter what I wear in LA, there is always someone dressed more daring than I am! My style- most likely a product of chronic indecision- changes on the daily. Some days I’m prancing around in daisy printed sundresses and Birkenstock sandals, the next I’m canoodling in my go-to military jacket and Converse high-tops. I have been adding bolder pieces to mix up my wardrobe, like this plaid poncho. The preppy plaid has a classy feel, but the vegan leather trim adds an edgy vibe to give my outfit a “Blair Waldorf meets Brooklyn” twist.

What’s my favorite arm candy you ask? A timeless (get it?), chronograph, Fossil watch (my prized possession) and a hair tie with my apartment keys looped onto it! As a college student I’m all about functionality and fashion, which means during these 65 degree winter days you’ll most likely find me with some form of outerwear tied around my waist.

You should also know I’ve quite recently made a drastic life change. After a 20-year-long love affair with my back grazing locks, I finally brought them to the chopping block. Instead, I’ve opted to don this year’s most trendy cut for both celebrities and peasants alike: The Lob. Despite feeling emotionally unstable after cutting off my self-grown security blanket, I absolutely love this collar bone grazing cut! It allows me to play with looks ranging from girl-next-door Taylor Swift, to edgy Sophia Amoruso. From this versatility sprouted my new found lipstick obsession. Recent favorites include Clinique’s A Different Grape, a moody, violet-maroon shade well suited for all complexions, and MAC’s Kinda Sexy, a rosy matte shade for a more polished day look.

Some things I cannot live without include: 1. Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. 2. Sam Edelman Petty Booties. 3. George Foreman Grill. 4. My dog Lucy (My ACTUAL prized possession). 5. Joyce Didonato. Opera Singer and Activist extraordinaire. 6. Salvation Army. I’m a sucker for a deal.