STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Flaherty

Hi all! I’m so excited to be writing this summer and sharing all of my latest fashion interests. I’m currently studying at the University of Vermont, majoring in business administration and minoring in gender and women’s studies.

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be vagabond; a traveller. I have been traveling since before I could crawl and have lived many places, including Nigeria, Thailand and Australia. I’m also happiest when I’m curled up under a blanket reading a book with a cup of english breakfast tea.

Since I was brought up in such an international context, I believe much of my fashion and style inspiration comes from global trends and cultures. My favorite type of print is hands-down tribal, because it reminds me of safaris on reserves in South Africa. I think its fun, playful and edgy.

I would also describe my style as bohemian with a touch of ’90s grunge. I love my lived in thrifted denim jackets and worn in Dr. Martens. A quintessential piece for me is statement dresses like this one and I especially love it paired with fun sandals.

Much of what I wear changes day to day, depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes it even depends on books I’ve read recently and movies or TV shows I’ve been binge watching. Fashion is everywhere and I love studying how fashion can be used to represent different moods in films, art, books and day-to-day life.

In middle school, I experimented with outfits featuring gaucho pants, purple crocs and Paul Frank shirts in every color. I changed my hair and makeup and loved trying out different looks, seeing what I liked, and what I didn’t.

Life isn’t lived to the fullest if you’re not enjoying it, so get out there, wear those crazy leopard print shirts, mismatching socks and printed bellbottoms and have fun with it!