STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Thompson

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Elizabeth Thompson and I am thrilled to be joining CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru this upcoming Spring! I am a freshman at Xavier University, studying Marketing and hoping to pursue a job in buying/retail.

I am so excited to be involved with CollegeFashionista for this spring semester because it just so happens to include my absolute favorite seasons for fashion! This semester marks the transition from winter into spring and incorporates everything from sweaters to shorts.

After 13 years of Catholic school uniforms, it is quite refreshing to see more than plaid and polos on my way to and from class every day. On campus, I am now surrounded by many individuals of varying styles. I find that my peers never fail to inspire and make me aware of new looks and trends and this significantly influences my own everyday style.

Fashion has always been a big part of my life, and while I am still scarred from my days of sporting Limited Too and wired glasses, I like to believe I have come a long way. Without those awkward preteen years of watching YouTube videos and paging through my mom’s fashion magazines, I don’t think I could ever fully justify my lifelong pursuit for a career in fashion. Now, I tend to put forth much effort into what I wear and thoughtfully piece together different outfits. Though this has made me infamous for leaving my room in shambles every time I need to find an outfit to wear, it is well worth the battle.

I find that my style varies with my mood and ranges anywhere from boho-chic to sophisticated-prep. I tend to gravitate more towards neutral colors and prefer to keep my clothing on the simpler side but focus on accessorizing with my makeup and jewelry. However, I am always willing and am inspired to experiment with new trends, such as my outfit in this post.

My outfit in this post incorporates two trends I’ve personally been a fan of this season. I paired one of my favorite pair of skinny jeans with a looser fitting, black turtleneck. Turtlenecks have resurrected from the ’90s and not only does this extra material at the top provide more warmth, but also adds a fashionable twist to any look. Another trend I incorporated was the patterned poncho on top. Capes and ponchos made another debut during fall Fashion Week and gives a different spin from the typical sweater attire commonly worn throughout the winter season. I kept the accessories minimal with my St. Christopher medal and an assortment of Alex & Ani bangles.

I hope my insights on fashion will inspire you to create your own style, and I am looking forward to sharing my fashion tips with all of you! Stay tuned and be sure to check out my posts every month!