STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Dubin

August 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Dubin and I will become a freshman at the University of Delaware in two days. At UD, I am intending on studying art, fashion and education. I also plan on joining lots of clubs and studying abroad. I would love to study abroad in Paris, a place where I have wanted to go my whole life. The iconic place to go if your whole life revolves around fashion and art. This is a time in my life where I am most focused on new beginnings, new friends, new classes, new professors, new clothes (thanks mom!), new hobbies and new places to eat.

Everyone goes to college having this perception that we must become a “new person.” In my opinion, college is yes, a lot of newness, but it is also about being the best version of yourself, a piece of advice my twin brother gave me. There’s a difference. One must not loose sight of who they are in the process, one must grow and better themselves. My style is inspired by living in New York for the past 19 years; living a fast paced life inspired by art and fashion, but also embracing the “newness” that is about to occur in approximately 48 hours.

Art and fashion are my two loves, but on the side I enjoy SoulCycle, hanging out in NYC, rewatching old episodes of The Hills/Laguna Beach (still crushing on Stephen Colleti), coloring in my adult coloring books, watching chick flicks, obsessing over my dog Audrey, being with friends and family and reading biographies. I cannot wait to show all of CF what my classmates at UD are wearing this season. In my featured photos, I am wearing a dress and sunnies from Forever 21 and adidas Superstars! Cheers to new beginnings and bettering ourselves!