STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Diehl

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Elizabeth Diehl, and this summer marks my first semester with CollegeFashionista and my last summer before entering the big girl world (in severe denial).

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, I have always known that I wanted a career in fashion since the first time I got my hands on an issue of Teen Vogue. After reading it cover to cover, I then subsequently ripped it to pieces to collage my entire bedroom door for inspiration. Needless to say, my parents weren’t exactly thrilled with my new hobby.

Since my interior decorating attempts, I have changed tremendously as a person and with that, my fashion sense has, too. My absolute favorite thing about fashion is the ability it has to constantly evolve, while simultaneously communicating who you are to the world without ever having to say a word.

As a business student studying Marketing and Data Analytics, I decided to transfer to Temple University during my sophomore year of college. I felt a more urban environment would expose me to greater opportunities in the industry and since then, I have not looked back. After obtaining some amazing internships, part time jobs and connecting with an amazing club at Temple that focuses on bridging the gap for business students interested in entering the fashion world (shameless plug as I am now the Vice President), I can say without a doubt that I have found my fashion/business niche.

In terms of personal style, I would describe mine as boho-chic with a feminine twist. I am in love with embellishments and intricate details—anything that will make an outfit stand out from the crowd. My summer wardrobe consists of way more colors, prints and flowy sundresses than my all-black everything city gal winter uniform. I am also a big fan of combining high and low fashion for a more down-to-earth look. This summer, I am particularly obsessed with jumpsuits, gladiator sandals and high-waisted everything.

I am so excited to start my journey with the CollegeFashionista team this summer and hope you’ll follow along with me as I explore, work and brunch in the City of Brotherly Love as well as spend my weekends off at my home away from home: the Jersey Shore. (Where else would a Philly girl spend her summers?)