January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome lovelies! I cannot believe my first semester as a Style Guru intern is already over, but I absolutely cannot wait to start up with my second.  It has been amazing having the opportunity to tune in on the fashion sense of my fellow students and to learn more about my own style.  As a member of such a huge university like the University of Iowa, it’s going be a wild ride trying to capture every individual’s unique style, but I am definitely going to do my best to try.

Getting the chance to continue on my adventure with CollegeFashionista this winter means the world to me, especially because of my total and complete love for this season.  Although many would say winter is the hardest season to style, I beg to differ.  Just think of all the coats!  Winter is all about furry gloves, adorable beanies and coats of absolutely every style. Trust me when I say, you can never have too many.

As I walk to and from class and work, I can’t help but keep an eye out for my next piece of winter inspiration.  Although many people think that Iowa lacks a sense of fashion, I’ve come to realize that there is fashion everywhere. There’s never a shortage of inspiration, and it’s going to be totally #Rad to share my finds with the rest of the CollegeFashionista community.

For me, minimalistic-chic is the way to go. Although I love all of the different styles I see around in magazines, on the streets and all over social media, some layered basics, distressed skinnies, a structured coat and some statement winter accessories are always going to be essentials when it comes to winter style. Style isn’t all about being daring and out there all the time; it’s about being yourself and having confidence in your own look.

I can already tell that this semester is going to be the raddest one yet!