STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Regalado

It’s official! It has been a year since I joined the CollegeFashionista squad and I adore it more than ever. This year has already been filled with new experiences, lessons and blessings. Everyone always says you have to start somewhere. Well let me tell you that somewhere is CollegeFashionista! I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned at CollegeFashionista so far and what this internship has done to further fuel my love for adventure, spontaneity and fashion.

Being a fashion enthusiast is no easy task. People will always want to tell you it’s impossible but it’s not. With hard work, commitment and love for what you do, you can accomplish all your dreams. I always loved art growing up. My mother exposed me to numerous books, music and paintings. When I got older I realized art was an escape for me and it gradually turned into a passion for writing.

To me styling is an art and fashion is a beautiful representation of what people could be. With clothes, people can be empowered! And writing about it, well, it was my favorite connection to the fashion world. Here I am able to write about what I love and what I hope to one day make a career out of. No matter where life takes me, I’m confident having CollegeFashionista under my belt.

My style is generally a combo of sneakers and booties. I love combining my feminine side with my tomboy side, but I draw inspiration from pretty much anything. When in doubt I always turn to black (of course) as seen in these pictures with a staple piece. Right now, my signature item has become this gorgeous Michael Kors satchel; however, neutral tones, in all, are my favorites. Whatever the trend is, I’m probably trying it out and seeing if it works for me. There’s no shame in experimenting with different colors, prints and styles of clothing. It’s a hit or miss to be honest.

Summing it up, you’ll never know if you never try. Yes, that is a total cliché but nevertheless valid. Fashion expresses individuality and the chance to make a statement when you are not sure what to say at all. Whether your style is simple or unpredictable, you can look forward to dozens of inspirations from real people in every corner of the world on CollegeFashionista. I will be sharing my daily dose of Atlanta fashion straight from Georgia State University. Stick around this summer to catch a glimpse into my city!