STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique McGhee

Hi, my name is Dominique McGhee and I am a senior at the University of Mississippi. I am majoring in Journalism with a minor in Art. I made the decision to pursue my passion for writing, design and photography the summer before my sophomore year, after two not so successful and miserable semesters trying to study pharmacy.

When I was younger, I had grand expectations of what I would be when I grew up, ranging from actress to singer to designer. It was when I was 12 that I bought my first magazine with my own money and my collection grew exponentially from there. I loved seeing all the fashion spreads and reading about trends. Now that I am older, it is always fun going back to my old magazines and seeing how style and fashion has changed over the years.

Aside from my interest in fashion, I am absolutely obsessed with my hair, and my makeup collection is growing with every YouTube makeup haul I watch. When friends or family ask me about products I am using or for recommendations, I tend to give them an overwhelming amount of information because I get so excited.

At this point in my life, I am feeling very experimental with my style, and I want to develop my personal style further. I take inspiration from so many places so my style is basically all over the place. I take inspirations from people that dress very trendy one day and grunge the next day. I find myself basically mentally shopping other people’s outfits all the time, and I am very excited about interacting with other students about fashion and beauty this summer.