STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Friday

Hi everyone! How’s your summer going? I know my summer has been filled with all kinds of twists and turns and with school starting next month, it’s been exciting. So I’m here to share with you one of my favorite combinations to wear when it’s warm out, but I don’t feel like showing too much skin either.

First, let me say that my personal style journey is still a journey. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I didn’t dress how I wanted to every single day. That was because I owned too many things that I wasn’t actually comfortable wearing! So I threw out 80 percent of my closet and would never leave the house in basketball shorts again! As someone who is petite, I tend to gravitate toward heels and I find it really tends to make my outfits a lot more appealing than if I were wearing my converse.

It’s really simple to achieve this look and to make it your own any way you can. When I shop for myself, I  always like to pick out pieces that are classic staples that I can dress up. What I believe fully executes an outfit perfectly are a great pair of shoes and just a few accessories to set the tone. For this looked I used a plain white shirt, for example. Considering all of the countless necklines and shapes of a shirt you can go with, you can take this look anywhere, as you can make it comfortable and casual or even dressy and far more form-fitting. I like to think I hit the dressy and casual mark pot on. I added a pair of ankle boots for added length and a sleek faux leather cross-body purse, The doubled up necklace made choker is my favorite addition to any outfit.