STYLE GURU BIO: Diana Morgan

January 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

My fashion sense was sparked at the bright and bold age of eight, with a semi see-through pink bag with a very large ‘D’ imprinted on it. I can still remember how I expected everybody to stop and ask me everything about it and where they could also get one (Limited Too, obviously.) These days I don’t wear as much pink, so in the rare case my nonstop talking doesn’t capture the attention of my peers, I cling to my appearance for assistance.

Surrounding my mirror are pictures of my fashion goals; Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (post transformation of course,) Sarah Jessica Parker and Lauren Bacall gaze back at me, pleading that I don’t wear my house slippers past my apartment door. As I am trying to fix my eyeliner and slip socks on at the same time, I ask myself, what would Miss Bacall say? Would Carrie approve? I try to instill a sense of creativity (…maybe just throw on a brighter scarf), classiness and preparedness into how I look, whether I’m jetting off to work at the beautiful UNCW Rec Center or my Indian Religions class. In other people I hope to see their personality shine through across a packed lecture or the library; lipstick and patterned shoes say a lot!

I’m insanely excited to be a Style Guru this semester. Reporting from my lovely little desk (bed) just five miles from the lovely Carolina shore, I will deliver some of the latest trends and time withstanding staples from UNC Wilmington. The Seahawks of Wilmy have tons to offer, fashion included. I can’t wait to approach the beautiful Fashionista/os of our campus, and bring it right back here to CollegeFashionista.