STYLE GURU BIO: Deyana Sameh

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Deyana Sameh

It has been an action-packed first semester here at George Brown College and I am excited to return. There is much to learn as I consider myself a new recruit to the world of fashion. Though I was always interested in it, I never kept up with the latest trends or which labels are famous for what. It has been an interesting few months to learn the behind-the-scenes action that goes on to get our clothes and accessories made. It makes me a little sad that some stuff won’t last as long, despite all the hard work and the resources that are put in to create it. That is why I am always on the prowl for quality pieces that can be worn for a lifetime. I think it adds character to an outfit, and an interesting piece can become a conversation starter anytime.

Being such a newbie to this strange but fascinating world, I am excited to be joining the Style Gurus at CollegeFashionista. There is so much I am curious about and this gives me the opportunity to really get out there and gain some skills in the field. This internship allows me to do several things I love doing:

1) People-watching

2) Expressing my opinion

3) Having a good reason to talk to cool people about their style, which I would not have the guts to do so otherwise

Personally, I like to dress comfortable in outfits that take very little time to put on. As a sleep addict, I would rather take a nap than spend two hours in front of a mirror trying on this or that. Usually a nice hat will cover up bad hair days, and a statement necklace will liven up an otherwise plain outfit. Pictured here, I am wearing my most useful accessory for Canadian weather—the little black hat. Not only is it waterproof and keeps the wind out, it matches everything! A big knit scarf keeps me warm, and I like how it blows around me in the wind, and I can hide my face and try to look mysterious and chic.

This semester I hope to impart on some wisdom I have learned over the years, and help other lazy busy Fashionistas/os in their quest to pursue fashion effortlessly. As I am always told by my grandmother: make sure your hair is brushed and your shoes are clean before you leave the house. It is good advice—if you look good at the top, and good at the bottom…you don’t have to worry about the middle.

Hopefully I can gain more experience in that area while also making it worthwhile for readers to join me. I do promise I will make it an entertaining ride! Keep up with the latest posts through Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.